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Welcome to The Russel Firm, a leading boutique entertainment law firm located in Atlanta, GA.

Entertainment Law

Navigating the spotlight. Protecting your creative journey with legal expertise in the entertainment industry.

Contract Review

Fine-tuning agreements. Our meticulous reviews ensure your contracts align seamlessly.


Intellectual Property

Guardians of creativity. We secure, defend, and maximize the value of your intellectual property assets.

Real Estate Litigation

Resolving property puzzles. From disputes to transactions in the complex world of real estate.

Tax & Payroll

Balancing the books. Navigating the intricacies of tax and payroll to keep your financial landscape solid.

Business Management

Crafting success beyond the stage. We manage the business details, so you can focus on your craft.

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Client Testimonials

“Exceptional legal guidance! The Russell Firm not only protected my creative rights but exceeded my expectations in professionalism and support. Highly recommended.”

Emma Thompson

“Incredible service! The Russell Firm brought clarity to complex contracts, ensuring my business thrived. Their dedication and expertise make them my go-to for legal matters.”

David Chen

“Unmatched legal support! The Russell Firm went above and beyond in securing my intellectual property. Trustworthy, efficient, and truly invested in their clients’ success.”

Sophia Rodriguez

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