Brooke Kain is AEG Presents‘ first-ever Chief Digital Officer.
In this role at the concert promoter, Kain is responsible for building products that personalize and improve the concert and festival-going experience for fans, while driving revenue growth for the company.

According to Kain, her key areas of focus are looking for the answers to questions such as: “How do we roll out loyalty programs and strengthen our brands?” or, “How do I build a product that allows me to understand every fan that walks through my door, what they used, to what [shows] they bought [tickets for] this year, and what they might want to buy next year?”

Her work so far spans integrating mobile apps, wristbands and scanners at festivals and gathering information into a database in real-time so fans can receive messages that encourage purchases and upgrades.
This tech has been a “big boost” for AEG’s bottom line, Kain says. “It’s driven significant incremental revenue at each festival and it’s been a big win for retention and for driving loyalty to our festival brands.”